Reiki Energy Healing


60 MIN – $80

Melanie Parsons certified Reiki Master and has been a practitioner for 4 years.

Reiki is a natural hands on energy therapy that relieves stress and promotes deep relaxation.  It can strengthen the immune system, promotes pain relief and increases recovery without medication.  It eases muscle tension and headaches.  It brings peace to the body and mind, energizes and balances the body by opening and clearing your chakras to allow energy to flow freely.

What you may experience during treatment: Warmth, Tingling, Colours, Scents and emotions.

“I have recently quit smoking, and wanted to do so without the aid of traditional replacement therapies.  I began practicing Yoga with the wonderful people at Veda Yoga, and through them met Melanie Parsons, a Reiki practitioner. Melanie has a natural gift for healing and her hands have a magical force behind them…her Reiki session helped to greatly reduce my anxiety, brought on a sense of calm and peace in my soul…I would highly recommend her to anyone with an open mind and a need for stress reduction or relaxation!  Thank You Melanie!” – Adam Petelli

“I have had numerous reiki sessions with different people throughout my life, however Mel has such a gentle and calming touch, you can feel her love of healing. She is full of positive light, and has a very unique gift. Not only did she relax me completely, she healed my shoulder and back pain.  I cannot put the total experience into words, but she has me as a forever client!” – Pauline Reilly

“Melanie is one of the most genuine and beautiful souls that I know.  I had the pleasure of accepting one of her Reiki session about a month ago and it was the most amazing experience…I felt the effects for days afterwards, when I could finally open up and process her energy work.  I encourage everyone looking for in manifestation or a shift in energy to see Melanie.  She is the real deal, full of love and light.” – Holly Fay

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