Way of the Spirit
October 26th, 2019

Following the huge success of Way of the Heart in September, Jeremy LegaultAlyssa Stapleton and Sarah Shaw have collaborated again to bring you the next in their full day Retreats….Way of the Spirit…..

The age old question of ‘Who Am I’ has challenged Quantum physicists, Tibetan monks and you and I since the birth of creation. The pursuit of happiness has been dissected catalogued and researched with countless self-help books to help you solve the riddle.

What if, happiness was not the goal? What if Being in what is, accepting and being okay in the knowledge that we can’t control or force happiness? And what if we were able to contact that true essence of who we really are and find a peace and joy in the midst of our troubled world?

Is that even possible?

We believe….no we know so….

And through movement, breath, meditation, music and connection to source, it is possible to develop a relationship with your Higher Self – the Spirit within you and those who travel with you and who have gone before you – to find that place of bliss and Pure Consciousness.

Wherever you are on your journey of evolution, this is another step forward where through the heart opening experiences of a day in a tranquil and calm setting in nature.

Unravel another layer, heal another part of you and connect with Who You Are. Who you truly are at the heart of your soul.

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