A Retreat of Yoga, Medicine Music and Wellness

$149 per person

Saturday September 14th – 9am til 9pm – Lake House Muskoka


As the summer Pitta heat starts fading and the cooling Vata breezes beckon the advent of fall, it is the perfect time to recenter and rebalance.

Dedicate a day for yourself. A day to disconnect from the outside world and journey inward. A day to tune into your energetic and emotional level of being and shed the layers that don’t serve you, that hold you back.

Your guides on this journey will lead you through a full day and evening or sacred music, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation in a glorious fusion of ceremony and experience.

Songwriter and musician of sacred instruments Jeremy Legault intuitively and expertly knows how to elevate you to a state of consciousness where you can truly heal and destress.

Alyssa uses her magic touch and serenity through yoga massage, reiki and essential oils. Unraveling those stress knots, unblocking those energetic centres.

Sarah will open your heart through meditation and help you completely relax in a delicious restorative practice with hot stones.

Healthy vegan lunch and dinner will be provided and the whole day will take place in a tranquil and zen home on a quiet Muskokan lake. The evening will culminate in a healing musical sound bath with an option of being served sacred tobacco (rapeh) from Brazil.

Should you wish to stay over – please contact to make arrangements to either camp or stay in a guest room.

It is time for you. Time to regenerate, to restore. Let us create a space for healing during this day of the senses.


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Spiritual Spa Day Menu!

9 am: Opening Ceremony (introduction, land blessing and smudging) 10 am: Asana Practice with Alyssa (deep flow with live music and essential oils)

11 am: Heart Based Meditation with Sarah

11:45 am: Lunch Time 1 pm: Restorative Hot Stones and Reiki with Sarah and Alyssa (live music)

3pm: Musical Performance with Jeremy

4pm: Free Time

5:30 pm: Dinner

7 pm: Cacao Ceremony and Song Circle with Jeremy 8pm: Rapeh with Sarah and Medicine Music with Jeremy

9pm: Concluding Circle and Intentional Prayer


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