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How to Take a Live Stream Class.

Register for Class

Register for class using the MindBody app or go to, Select the BRACEBRIDGE studio and pay using either a class pass on your account or choose from the class rates options.

You will receive an email from FitGrid, our community management partner, confirming your spot in this Live Class.

ENSURE that the email you provide is correct.  This is actually vital, as we will be sending you the login to Zoom using the email that is in your MindBody profile.

Download the Zoom App

Also in this confirmation email will be a link for you to download the Zoom app on the device of your choice.

You can watch class from your phone, tablet, laptop/computer or even smart TV.

There won’t be time to trouble shoot before or after class, so it’s a good idea to make sure that everything is working before your first Virtual Class.

Click on the Zoom Link

Approximately 30 minutes before the start of class you will receive another email from FitGrid with your unique Zoom link. Click on this link.

Be prepared for your video to already be turned on as you enter the Zoom Class.

Your teacher should be there 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Enjoy Your Class

Use the volume on your device to get the sound just right. Let the teacher know through the chat box if you can’t hear well.

Enjoy your class.!

Mute and Flow

Please be Considerate of Your Teacher and Fellow Class Mates.

You can choose whether you would like to share the video of yourself (recommended as it helps create a sense of community for the students and teacher) or not. However remember to mute yourself, so there is no feedback during class.

When you Do Not Mute Yourself, the noises from your home will be heard by ALL participants.

Paying and Registering for LIVE Zoom classes

  • If you have a recurring, non-recurring monthly pass with Veda Yoga, please know that it was suspended for 2 weeks between the 16th of 29th of March.  It is now re-activated and available for use for ALL Zoom Live Classes.
  • Classes are recorded and available for viewing for all Recurring Monthly and Winter Warmer Pass Students who will be invited to a private YouTube Channel that has a library full of the latest recorded classes.
  • If you have the Veda Intro Package you can also use it for any of the Zoom classes in MindBody.
  • Drop-ins, 10 Class Passes, 20 Class passes that you already hold on your account can also be used


Register Here

Click below to be taken to our MindBody app and register for classes or buy a 20 class pass.

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