Veda Yoga is a Hot Yoga Studio offering a wide array of Yoga Practices including Healing Light Yoga, Resorative Classes, Barre Classes, and Power Yoga.

High Intensity

Veda Power Flow


This 60 minute hot class is inspired by the  Baptiste Power Vinyasa sequence. The perfect sequencing of this flow ignites, rinses and strengthens the body and mind and leaves you feeling clear, calm and energized. This class invites you to surrender, challenge your limiting beliefs and discover what is possible.  Expect a faster flow.

Veda Deep Flow


Veda Deep Flow is a popular class at Veda Yoga and you can go as ‘deep’ or light as you wish.  This hot practice holds each pose a little longer, offers you the opportunity to explore and get curious with your own practice and guarantees some juicy long stretches.  Time is taken to focus on breath and alignment making it suitable for all levels.

Veda Light


VedaLight is the perfect class if you are new to yoga or have any physical restrictions due to your stage in life, injury or any other limiting condition. Poses are taken more slowly with lots of support to modify as needed. Students are encouraged to take the class at their own pace, listen to their bodies and rest as much as desired. Warm studio.

Veda Pranic Healing


Veda Pranic Healing is an energy healing modality that integrates the body, the breath and pure consciousness.  It is an opportunity to deepen your experience of your whole self, to see firsthand how the breath, intention and intuition can heal,  and to explore and release deeply held patterns and blocks from cellular memory, the energy body and even deeper layers of consciousness.

Veda Shred45


The name says it all! Shred 45 works your muscles in every way possible during this class designed specifically to get SHREDDED! Build strength and definition through intense fat loss and increased metabolism! With a mix of body weight, free weights, and the explosive power of cardio.  Taught in a warm room and accessible to all.

Veda Flow and Let Go


Consider this as your weekly self-care class to undo the stress of the week.  First stimulating  the energy flows in your body with some slow vinyasa.  Slow gentle holds and assists will  release tension and energetic blockages in the body. With time for self-massage using yoga balls and restorative poses.  This warm class is suitable for everyone.

Veda Hatha


Veda Hatha is a 60 minute hot yoga class that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body.  This slower paced class is a great foundation class suitable for newcomers and experienced alike and will be taught in a hot studio.

Veda Fusion Flow


This intuitive yoga class blends together Power + YIN + Restorative + Meditation, creating an all encompassing experience and journey on your mat.  You will be encouraged go inward and move and flow with your body as it speaks to you. Veda Fusion Flow can be enjoyed at all levels and ages.  Taught in a warm room.

Veda Mindful Flow


Mindful flow is a balanced vinyasa sequence designed to promote a meditative movement practice. Combining asana, breath and meditation for a energetic and spiritual experience, then slowing things down for a restorative yin to balance the energies in the body.  Taught in a warm room, this class is suitable for all levels.

Veda Unwind


There are days when you need a practice that takes you out of the thinking mind and allows you to let go.  To release the tension, anxiety and  stresses of the day.  Veda unwind is a mix of gentle stretches, easy transitions, breath work and guided meditation to help you recenter and balance.  Suitable for all and taught in a warm studio.

Veda Yang Yin


Make the most of your lunch hour and come practice a 45-min Veda Yang Yin class in a warm room. This perfect balance of Vinyasa Flow uses strength and stability followed by slower longer Yin holds and stretches.  A beautiful combination of Yang and Yin to balance and reset the mind and body in the middle of the day.  All levels welcome.

Veda Candle-Lit Restorative


Get comfortable in a calm, warm candle-lit space with blankets, blocks and bolsters. Completely relax and let your teacher guide you through some slow passive stretching, holding each pose held for several minutes. Allow your body to relax deeply. The idea is that the props, rather than your muscles, support your body. Everyone welcome.

Veda TAG


Thighs, Abs and Glutes can be stubborn and challenging areas to work and so we have created a fusion of yoga, circuits and fun group exercises to target these muscle groups.  The vibe is fun and light, the sequence demanding but accessible to all.  TAG is a great compliment to your current yoga practice and is taught in a warm room.

Veda Barre


Tones the arms, lifts the butt, sculpts the arms and flattens the abs. All whilst burning fat… What’s not to love? Veda Barre is a creative 60 minute workout, which combines the precision of Pilates, alignment of yoga and the grace and technique of ballet. You will access muscles you did not know existed! Taught in a warm room and for all levels.

Veda Crush Hush


The perfect hour dedicated to you where you can combine your yoga practice with your workout! 30 minutes of toning and firming using body weight and yoga inspired sequences to strengthen your muscles.  Followed by 30 minutes of a gentle and deep flow and stretch.   This warm class is suitable for all and is a perfect blend of ‘Crush and Hush’!

Veda Prenatal Yoga


Come breathe, flow and stretch in our prenatal yoga classes. Stimulate energy flow as you strengthen your body. Enjoy a stretch as you create space and find release. Find some relaxation through meditation and breathing. Pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy are welcomed. No previous yoga experience is required.

Veda Happy Baby Yoga


The Veda Happy Baby yoga classes are the perfect way for new moms to care for their own physical and mental health without leaving their little one behind.  This gentle practice integrates baby into the movement. No previous yoga experience is necessary. And suitable for all moms and babies from 6-weeks to pre-crawling.

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