7 Days….7 Chakras
Xinalani Mexican Yoga Retreat November 9-16 2019

Imagine, waking up to the sound of the ocean waves gently lapping onto a golden sandy beach and making your way down from your hillside eco-suite to start your day with a sunrise meditation.  Sip a fresh juice before your morning yoga practice in an open air yoga studio nestled in the jungle.  Each day move, breathe, dance and meditate on each of the 7 Chakras…..clearing and balancing each energy centre….unravelling layers of years of life’s challenges.

The eco yoga resort of Xinalani, located on an island dedicated to yoga and meditation offers the perfect sanctuary for you to spend a week wholly dedicate to you, your health, your wellness and your energetic body.

The Chakras are the main energy centres of the body and store data and information of past experiences and traumas since childhood.  As energetic and spiritual beings living in a physical body, so much of the suffering that we go through and challenges in life stem from blocked and misplaced energy stored from what happened to us before.  Our ego protects us from getting hurt again, barriers go up, habits and patterns are created and often times these can stop us from living our true authentic potential in life.

Through asana (yoga practice) and weaving in crystals, essentials oils and healing guided meditation, during the retreat you will start to softly crack open these energy centres, releasing blocked energy and old patters that don’t serve you any more.  The result is a sense of freedom, self-compassion and an ability and awareness to see where and why we have been ‘stuck’ before.

Let us take you on a journey of your senses, through movement, sound, massage, reiki, sight and smell.  Explore with us the energy system in your body, notice and feel the difference as you let go.  Open your heart and get to know the pure essence of who you really are, under the layers, the protective sheath that you are now ready to shed.

And most importantly, rest and indugle yourself in this stunning island setting where you can switch off and be pampered and nurtured – just as you deserve!

To be part of this journey, enroll below to pay the initial deposit of $700.

On receipt you will receive a complete information package.

Balance of payment of $1110 USD to be paid directly to the resort as per the instructions included in your info package, 65 days before departure.

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