28 Days Reboot

Put aside those fad diets, the New Year’s resolutions that are too hard, too strict to stick to. What you need is a healthy and natural reboot that is totally tailored to you. Living in this modern era takes its toll on our nervous system affecting our overall health from our physical bodies to our mental and emotional health. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences and part of a yogic way of living in balance and harmony with nature.

Over 4 weeks you will meet with Sarah who will guide you through a comprehensive reboot program based on the ancient healing traditions and modalities of ayurveda. You will learn Heart-based meditation, discover your own body’s imbalances and learn how to regulate your entire system as well as incorporating a daily yoga practice into your routine.

This is not a quick fix diet program but a lifestyle that you can carry on after the four weeks program. You can expect to experience increased energy, better sleep, feel less stressed, break patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you and begin this decade with a blueprint for living that is sustainable.


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