Veda Yoga Virtual Studio Opening Monday 30th of March!

Veda Yoga is a space for healing and rejuvenation through movement, meditation, healing practices, purification treatments and community.

What We’re About

Veda Yoga is an Ayurveda Studio and Spa, that integrates ancient healing wisdom, yoga, meditation and fun exercise classes to heal, energize and transform the body and mind. Each class or experience is designed to calm or stimulate our bodies’ natural systems and processes to create balance on a physical and energetic level.

We care about the ‘whole’ you. So don’t be surprised to have some meditation in our version of bootcamp (drill chill). Or be bathed in a Crystal Singing Bowl symphony during Savassanah.

Schedule & Rates

Book online and view upcoming classes. It’s that easy! If you already use the Mind Body App, just search for us and find the class you want at a time that works for you or check out our schedule here.

Meet Your Teachers

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers are fun, approachable and waiting to meet you! Learn more about who we are, what we teach and why we love Yoga.

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